Ritual Eye Cream – My First Product Launches

A new clean, effective, luxurious eye cream made to address all the concerns you have around your eyes, compete with high end brands at half the price.

I am absolutely thrilled to finally announce that a project I’ve been working on since I started this journey down the path of becoming an expert in eye skin care has finally materialized into something more than just thoughts on paper…I have officially launched my own eye skin care line.

I have spent a small fortune in my life and countless hours trying to find the perfect eye cream. I know that having youthful looking skin around my eyes can take years off my appearance and best reflect who I am. So after 18 months of weekends and nights working with leading cosmetic scientists on the perfect formulation, at least a dozen iterations, a consumer perception study, dermatology testing, ophthalmologist test, finding and producing my first run with a small manufacturer, we have finally launched….and…guess what? People LOVE IT!

Check out our website and you can purchase our Ritual Eye Cream today. This is an all around eye cream that is clean, effective, safe for you, safe for the environment, and feels like the luxury brands but at a third of the price. If you don’t absolutely love it, no worries we offer a 100% money back guarantee (I’m that confident that this will completely disrupt the eye skin care category and this eye cream is just the first of many more hero products to come…)

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